Signs of springtime in the Ordinariates

Members of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter will have received their copy of the Ordinariate Observer in the mail, and it’s chock full of good news about how we are growing and where.

I have been working on an paper for a book scheduled to come out next fall to mark the 10th anniversary of Anglicanorum coetibus.  It’s been a lot harder and more demanding to do than I had thought and that on top of my journalism work is the reason for light blogging.

The topic for my paper is lay initiatives to promote Anglican patrimony within the Ordinariates, and to that end I have done many interviews with people who took it upon themselves to do something in this vein.  Of course I ended up with far more material than I could ever use for a 4,000 word article, so I hope to use some of that material here when the deadline crunch is over.

As I surveyed all these interviews and have begun the boiling down process, I could not help but feel excited and encouraged by how much is going on at the grassroots level.

We have so much to be thankful for as Catholics of Anglican tradition, and there’s so much going on in terms of prayer, music, social media, literary patrimony, I won’t be able to fit everything in.




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