Prayers for Caroline Farrow

Caroline Farrow is the wife of a priest of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton in the U.K. and the mother of five children.  (I had mistakenly said her husband was an Ordinariate priest)

She is also a journalist, has a lively Twitter feed, and appears sometimes on British television to defend conservative Christian moral positions.   This makes her greatly unpopular with more progressive elements of the population.

Farrow recently received a phone call from police saying they were investigating her for having “misgendered” the child of a Trans activist on Twitter.  In other words, if you talk about the boy who underwent hormone treatment and surgery to present as a girl, you run afoul of British law.

The woman who filed the complaint has since said she has dropped the complaint and that it was more serious than mere misgendering, but as far as Farrow knows, the police investigation is still ongoing.   Farrow wrote the following on Facebook this morning:

I am not brave, ballsy, pugnacious, limelight-seeking or any of those things. Right now I am vomiting, shaking, lost 5 lbs since Monday and suffering extreme anxiety. Being stubborn, refusing to be cowed is not any kind of virtue. I know that I will not win. The virtue and victory lies in bearing the suffering with grace & in knowing that I am doing what is right. My detachment lies in letting go of that which is most important to me; security and financial stability. I have had to accept that I will now never be able to get that nice stable well-paid job I hoped for.

Canada also has human rights legislation, provincial and federal, protecting  gender identity and expression from discrimination.   One of the reasons why Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, catapulted to fame a few years ago was because he decried the transgender laws as state-compelled speech and said he would refuse to comply.

Please pray for Farrow and her family, for her to have the peace of Christ, and the wisdom that can only come from the Holy Spirit in navigating these legal and spiritual challenges.

Pray as well for true pluralism in our democratic societies of the west, instead of a totalitarian one-size-fits all progressive ideology that one obeys or else a penalty of hefty fines and even jail terms.  Pray we can learn to air genuine and deep differences in the public square with civility and respect, always keeping in mind that we are dealing with other human beings, and we as Christians hold to a notion of human beings made in the image of God.

If one looks at the trajectory of public policy these days, traditional Catholic morality is on the verge of being called hate speech and banned from the public square.

UPDATE:   Here is a detailed story about Caroline Farrow and the complaints against her in the U. K. Daily Mail.


5 thoughts on “Prayers for Caroline Farrow

  1. Britain has become a slave of the extreme left and the Politically Correct Thought Police. How dreadful. How do you write, talk, address someone who has changed their sex? “IT” but that sounds a bit like The Addams Family and the police might think one was being rude? The mind
    boggles. better to ignore them and their problems altogether.


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