Happy Mothering Sunday!

DSC07123Happy Mothering Sunday!  On this fourth Sunday in Lent, Laetare Sunday, many of us in the Ordinariates for Catholics of Anglican tradition bless a simnel cake and flowers on the altar.  It is one of two Sundays in the Church year where our priest wears rose vestments.  We like to show support for the priest wearing pink rose by wearing it ourselves.


Sadly, because March did not go out like a lamb in Ottawa, our congregation was much thinner than usual because many could not make it because of snow and freezing rain.


At Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ottawa, Fr. Doug Hayman bakes the simnel cake.  Every year, our “Mother of the Year” serves tea and coffee and cuts the simnel cake.  This year, Rebecca Trolly did the honors.

Celebrations are an important aspect of our common identity.  Not all of us would celebrate Laetare Sunday in the same way, but I bet many of you did.  I would love to hear from you and post some pictures from your community.

Every Ordinariate community I know of ensures the fellowship time after Mass is well supplied.    Several times a year, we do something extra.   At Annunciation, we have an annual Thanksgiving dinner in October (Canadian Thanksgiving falls on what used to be called Columbus Day in the United States, a Monday in early October.  We have turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed and scalloped potatoes, squash, peas, cranberry sauce, the works.

We also have an Epiphany Dinner that is more of a potluck affair with lots of crock pots full of chilis and stews, salads, platters of ham and other meats.

In the summer, we have a parish picnic outdoors.  Last year we went to the Eastern Catholic camp in Quebec.

What does your community do for celebrations?

1 thought on “Happy Mothering Sunday!

  1. Hi Deborah, so love seeing the pictures, brings back great memories of our time at The Aunnciation. We, too, had our Simnel Cake yesterday. Iris Sewell’s recipe, made by Shana Love from our parish in Victoria.

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