Podcast with Msgr. Carl Reid coming soon

IMG_1050 (2)Yesterday evening, I recorded a podcast with Msgr. Carl Reid, the next Ordinary of Our Lady of the Southern Cross in Australia.  Here’s a picture from Mothering Sunday in Ottawa in 2008.

We talked about his reaction to his being considered as Ordinary for Australia, and what was involved in his making the decision to accept.

We traced his roots in the Anglican Church of Canada has an altar server and choir member, his departure from regular church going in  his university years while studying engineering at Queen’s University, and his return to church, encouraged by colleagues in his engineering work environment in Victoria, B.C. where he now pastors the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter community of Blessed John Henry Newman.

I asked him how his experience as Dean of the Canadian Deanery of St. John Baptist might help him with the huge distances and far-flung communities of Ordinariate communities in Australia.  He noted he had considered the distance between Victoria, B.C. and Halifax, Nova Scotia quite vast (almost 6,000 kms), the distance from  Sydney, where he will be based, to Japan where OOLSC has two parishes is almost 8,000 kms. OOLSC also has a parish forming in the Philippines.  But the hardest to get to is the parish in the Torres Strait.

Msgr. Reid was one of the youngest participants in the 1977 Congress of St. Louis that not only birthed the Continuing Anglican movement, but also contained some of the seeds of a desire for Christian unity.

Some of his personal history includes the history of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada and the  Traditional Anglican Communion and its role as one of the Anglican groups petitioning Rome for full communion with the Holy See.  Msgr.  Reid also talks about his role in shepherding the Ottawa flock at Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Catholic Church and the wonderful welcome we received from Archbishop Terrence Prendergast and the Catholic people of Ottawa.

The recording needs to go into production and it may take a couple of weeks before it is up on the website.


5 thoughts on “Podcast with Msgr. Carl Reid coming soon

  1. Ah, did I miss an announcement that Pope Francis officially named Fr. Carl Reid a monsignor? I fully expected that such an announcement would be forthcoming when I read of his appointment as the Ordinary of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, but have not seen news of such an announcement as yet.



    • Norm, there is no such thing as “a monsignor” anymore than there is a “your honor” or “your lord(ship).” “Monsignor” is a title of address used for a priest who’s been given an honor by the Pope. It comes from the French “Monseigneur” meaning of course “My Lord” as in “Does My Lord(ship) wish his tea now?” The initial Ordinaries were given the honor of Protonotary Apostolic (which is the highest ranking priest below a bishop) by Pope Benedict XVI and thus were called “Monsignor” instead of just “Father.” Outside Rome, priests so honored were made Honorary Chaplains (lowest level) or Honorary Prelates or Protonotaries Apostolic (highest level) and all addressed as “Monsignor.” Other priest-prelates working in the Vatican with different titles are also called “Monsignor.” Each rank has a different coat of arms and different choir dress. Pope Francis has restricted these honors to just Honorary Chaplain and given only to priests older than 65 now. Will he make an exception for Fr. Reid? Who knows?


      • JR,

        I’m very well aware of everything in your discourse on the title of monsignor, and also of the fact that “Monsignor” is the customary form of address for bishops in some countries.

        That said, the appointment of a married presbyter, who thus cannot receive episcopal ordination, to a position that’s canonically equivalent to a diocesan bishop is extraordinarily exceptional. So far, it has happened only in the ordinariates. That exceptional circumstance is what prompted the conferral of the title of Apostolic Protonotary (English grammar form puts an adjective before the noun rather than after it, so “Protonotary Apostolic” is grammatically wrong in English) on Msgr. Newton, Msgr. Steenson, and Msgr. Entwistle, affording them the highest dignity that’s possible in that situation. I would be very surprised if Pope Francis does not see conferral of the same title to be appropriate in this exceptional circumstance.

        But what prompted my question is the use of the title of “Msgr.” in the headline and the text of the OP. The use of that title for a presbyter is not appropriate until the pope officially confers the title of Apostolic Protonotary, Prelate of Honor, or Chaplain of His Holiness upon him. Not having seen an announcement of such conferral, I asked whether it had happened or not.



  2. Tom, you are VERY naughty ..but brilliant!
    It was great to see the Installation of the new Ordinary for Australia in St.Mary’s cathedral Sydney via the computer .. and the impressive homily from Bishop Lopes…and Fr. Ian Wilson of the Adelaide Ordinariate community proclaiming the Gospel and other prominent roles. Gordon Carter. Friend of the Ordinariate. Adelaide. South Australia.


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