Ordinariate member elected Premier of Alberta

The newly-elected Premier of Alberta is a Catholic of the Anglican tradition, belonging to the Canadian Deanery of Saint John the Baptist.29103747_10156137311342641_5846974212161377586_n_0

Yesterday, the Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MLA, a former federal cabinet minister responsible for numerous portfolios, including as Minister of Defence, was elected the new Premier of Alberta with over 55% of the vote, winning 63/87 seats and a huge majority.

The ordinariate Catholic community is delighted to see one of our own elected as the new Premier of Alberta, a province with two ordinariate communities.

Raised Anglican, Jason became Catholic about thirty years ago when in university. Many people see the ordinariates as a gift to those Anglicans still seeking to become Catholic without leaving behind their heritage, but for many of our members, like Jason, the ordinariate is a restoration of the Anglican tradition to Catholics like them who had previously had to give it up.

As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and Minister for Multiculturalism, Jason became acquainted with and befriended religious communities of all cultural backgrounds, and is understood to have met almost all the patriarchs of every Catholic and Orthodox rite or tradition. He surely understands the beauty of the Catholic Church’s diversity in unity, of which the Anglican ordinariate is a special part.

Congratulations to Jason and to his entire team, and may God’s blessings be upon them as they receive this mandate and embark on this time of public service to the people of the great province of Alberta.

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1 thought on “Ordinariate member elected Premier of Alberta

  1. May Jason practise and grow in his Catholic faith and respectfully work with his neighbouring provinces and our native brethren to resolve the economic difficulties of Alberta’s reliance on the petroleum industry, rather than threaten to embargo exports of oil and gasoline to BC if another tanker facility is not forthcoming, due to legitimate concerns. The supertanker transport of raw bitumen poses a certain risk of a major spill to the ocean’s fisheries that would not recover for hundreds of years. The late Premier Peter Lougheed was correct that the oil must be refined in Alberta before export and in a safe manner, not through extremely narrow and perilous channels off the once pristine BC coast. We must also respect lawful treaties with the native inhabitants. We are to be stewards of the Earth and must act with peace and harmony as our Lord, Jesus Christ has commanded.
    Pax Christi vobiscum et beatus pascha


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