Meeting our Seminarian in Rome


My visit to Rome will soon end.   Among the highlights was meeting Patrick McCain, our seminarian for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter who is living at the Pontifical North American College and studying at the Angelicum, the Dominican university in Rome.

Patrick comes from a Southern Baptist family background, and, upon stumbling across a Book of Common Prayer, was led into the Episcopal Church.   He said he found it just Protestant enough to keep him there as he began his journey into the Catholic faith.  Eventually, as he was exposed to more and more of the Anglo-Catholic tradition, he knew he had to become Catholic.  He was catechized for entry into the Church by Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a well known Catholic priest-blogger and former Anglican.  He entered the Catholic Church in 2008.

He’s 33 and worked for four years in social services in Florida, before discerning the call to the priesthood.

Patrick expressed his enthusiasm and hope for the future of the Ordinariates.

I met him at the North American College where I was struck by the quality of the young men there.  They seemed joyful, purposeful, confident in their faith (Patrick included!).  Before attending Vespers, he took me on a tour of the college, including its view of the city of Rome.









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