Cardinal Eijk on gender theory


Cardinal Willem Eijk, Archbishop of Utrecht, gave a talk at the Rome Life Forum May 16 on the threat gender theory poses not only to objective moral reality, but also to the proclamation of the Christian faith.  Here he is, above, with Cardinal Raymond Burke during a question and answer session May 17.

Here’s a link to my story on the talk now published at The Catholic Register.

ROME — Exposing the errors in gender theory is “of the utmost urgency” because it poses a threat to the Church’s moral teaching and to the proclamation of the Christian faith, said the archbishop of Utrecht.

Speaking May 16 at the Rome Life Forum, Cardinal Willem Eijk said gender theory undermines the roles of mothers, fathers and married spouses. It also impairs the biological relationship between parents and children and harms the ability to share the Church’s teachings about God as a Holy Trinity.

“Removal or alteration of the meanings of father, mother, marriage, paternity and maternity, make it difficult to announce the faith in a God in three Persons,” Eijk said.

To undermine  the significance of the husband and wife is to undermine the  possibility of announcing this. In this way, damage is also inflicted on the analogy between the relationship between Christ and the Church on the one hand and the relationship between husband and wife on the other.”

Here’s a link to the entire talk, posted at Voice of the Family, organizer of the event.

Cardinal Eijk also spoke of the damage the dissociation of gender from biological sex does to an understanding of the priesthood and the necessity of the priest’s being male, because Jesus is male, and of the spousal relationship of Christ to His Church.

For many of us former Anglicans, it was the tampering with Holy Orders by various national bodies of the Anglican Communion to allow the ordination of women that revealed the necessity of coming into the Communion of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Raymond Burke also gave an excellent talk on the virtue of Patriotism.  His answer to a question related to large-scale Muslim immigration won the headlines, but this was probably the best talk I have heard Cardinal Burke give and I learned a great deal from it.   So often patriotism and nationalism—which gets a bad reputation—are conflated, and in this talk he explained how patriotism, and the honoring of one’s homeland, is related to the fourth Commandment to honor one’s father and mother.

Voice of the Family has links to the other talks at the 6th annual Rome Life Forum here.  

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