Cardinal Newman canonization Oct. 13

Pope Francis announced today that he will canonize Cardinal John Henry Newman on Oct. 13.

The Catholic Herald reports:

In February, the Pope signed a decree recognising a second miracle attributed to Blessed John Henry Newman, the inexplicable healing of a woman with a “life-threatening pregnancy”.

Blessed John Henry Newman was one of the most prominent converts to Catholicism from Anglicanism of the 19th century.

He was already an esteemed Anglican theologian when he founded the Oxford Movement to return the Church of England to its Catholic roots, before himself converting to the Catholic faith.

He was renowned as a brilliant thinker and was made a cardinal by Pope Leo XIII.

This is excellent news for those who have registered already for Symposium 2019 to mark the 10th anniversary of Anglicanorum coetibus.

Here is the link to register for the Symposium.  Spaces are limited.

Accommodation in Rome close to the centre city might be hard to find.  I have stayed with the Suore Brigidine at their via della Isole location.  It’s about 5 km outside the centre city, so you’d need to take a bus or a cab, but it is clean, quiet, and relatively inexpensive for Rome.

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