2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition announced

The Anglicanorum Coetibus Society has just announced in the latest issue of our journal that the next conference on the Anglican tradition in the Catholic Church will be happening this November 15th & 16th in Toronto, Canada.

AUC 2019 teaserAccompanied by an article detailing the history of the Anglican Use conferences hosted by the Society in previous years, the announcement in both the journal and on the Society website makes clear that this conference will be our main celebration of the tenth anniversary of the promulgation of Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which introduced to the world the personal ordinariate for Catholics of the Anglican tradition.

Further details will be posted in due course on the Society’s webpage dedicated to our annual conferences, but it will feature speakers on the Anglican tradition, time for socializing and getting to know everyone, and three choral liturgies that will be our prime expression of thanksgiving, including the singing of a Solemn Te Deum.

As the Anglican ordinariate community looks to the future, we can never forget what Pope Benedict did for us. But the full consequences of his bold move will continue to unfold over future generations. This conference is an opportunity both to celebrate this anniversary and to explore what the future has in store for the Anglican tradition and our community.

For as we know well, in entering the Catholic Church our future has finally been secured. Thanks be to God for what he has done for us, and let’s celebrate together in Toronto this November!

4 thoughts on “2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition announced

  1. Can you please inform me whether or not these Choral Services will be able to be watched via You Tube, for those who are not able to be present at the conference?

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