Exactly what we signed up for . . .

Shane Schaetzel over at the Complete Christianity blog has a post on the authority of the Catholic Church that is well worth reading in light of my post yesterday.

In a post entitled The Treco Case is Exactly What We Signed Up For  Shane outlines the journey he and his wife made  evangelicalism and Anglicanism and the shaky nature of authority on faith and morals in any of those ecclesial communities.  It’s a journey all of us now in the Ordinariates for Catholics of Anglican Patrimony all share.

He writes:

What we signed up for was a return to the original authority structure, the one given to us by Jesus Christ, and in doing so, we admitted to the reason for the defeat of orthodoxy within Anglicanism. Its demise was inevitable, because the Apostolic authority given by Christ was never really there to protect it. We had all the illusions of it, the trappings, and the rigors, but not the real authority of the Apostles.

To date, this Apostolic authority to protect the truth has held true for us in the Ordinariates, even in the face of widespread misinterpretation of Amoris Laetitia on communion for couples in objectively adulterous “marriages.” We should be reminded at this point of how authoritatively but eloquently Bishop Steven J. Lopes defended orthodoxy in A Pledged Troth. We should be reminded by this, that His Excellency does not take matters of doctrine lightly, and his history of orthodoxy is beyond question. While the defenders of Fr. Treco would have the Catholic media, and all of us, believe that Bishop Lopes plays loose and liberal with doctrine and discipline, the historical context of this man doesn’t match that narrative.

I totally agree.

Read the whole post, as Shane makes a number of excellent points. He concludes:

Fr. Treco has appealed his case to Rome, as is his right, and we should all support that. This is what we all signed up for. We signed up for a definitive authority which could handle matters like this, so they don’t turn into schismatic sects or endless legal battles in civil courts. We signed up for definitive judgement on such matters, and in due time, one will come. Regardless of the outcome, we will all accept it, because that is exactly what we signed up for. Regardless of the outcome, we will rejoice in it, because that’s exactly what we signed up for. We wanted to join a Church that was bigger than us, bigger than our own judgement, and bigger than our own directives. As Anglicans (and Evangelicals turned Anglican, like myself) we grew tired of being our own popes, our own judges, our own juries, and our own executioners. The Treco case is in Rome’s hands now, and thank God it is! In leaving Anglicanism, and joining the Catholic Church, this is exactly what we signed up for.

Do we trust that God is in charge of His Church or not?  Do we think we have to take charge ourselves to sort out doctrine because we see sinful and fallible men in charge?

Anyway, I will respect the Church’s judgment in this matter.

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