The Portal and the Online Martyrs Map

coverThe August edition of The Portal Magazine is out and, as usual, it’s full of interesting news and commentary from the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

The co-editors & founders, Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane, interview Graeme Garvey, who has created an extraordinary online map showing the locations of all the English Catholic martyrs from the years 1534 to 1680.

Here are some excerpts from Ottaway’s and Crane’s interview with the map’s creator.

“As I started to plot the map that message became stronger. What it really said was that the faith in the country was stronger than people like to think. They loved the faith and didn’t want to lose it. They were made to give it up. In fact, in the early days the Calvinists were seen as Germans and the English didn’t want to become part of something which was foreign.

“All sorts of things started to come through. As I started to plot these people, I was conscious I couldn’t get all the names. There were so many. Some I had never heard of. They weren’t recorded. Eventually I had done the map and put it out for whoever might
want to see it…

“The project started to grow. It was a labour of love and took many hours, but every minute was a privilege, because you were coming across people who loved Jesus so much they were willing to die for Him…

“The humbling thing with the Martyr’s Map was that again and again, I kept coming across the example that the imitation of Christ is what they were doing. There was a love there. There wasn’t a nastiness, or a meanness. It was a courage. The people were just ordinary people. That is the message. They were people who were very bright, very educated too, it reached everybody because the message is very simple.”

The Portal Magazine is committed to discovering more about Anglican and English Catholic history, in addition to explaining the Ordinariates to cradle Catholics and helping Ordinariate members learn more about the Catholic Church.

Garvey again:

“I speak to friends at church about how dark things are. I think we are at a bad time. For me it’s inspirational to look at the history of the Catholic Church in England. People like yourselves and the Ordinariate: The love of Christ has continued. It must have been so
difficult for people who were culturally not part of the Catholic Church, but were emotionally.”

You can view the map here.

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