Conference details announced & registrations open!

AUC 2019 brandDetails have been announced for the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society’s upcoming 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, taking place this November 15th & 16th in Toronto, Ontario, and registrations are now open!

It is our privilege to be able to hold our three solemn choral liturgies for the conference at St Michael’s Cathedral Basilica in downtown Toronto. The conference sessions will be held at St Michael’s Choir School, right across from the Cathedral.

The conference will be anchored by the celebration of solemn choral liturgies, taking place at the Archdiocese of Toronto’s beautiful and newly-restored St Michael’s Cathedral:

  • Solemn Mass & Te Deum, Friday, November 15th, 7pm
  • Choral Mattins, Saturday, November 16th, 10am
  • Choral Evensong & Benediction, Saturday, November 16th, 3:30pm

There will be a reception on the Friday night, and plenty of time to socialize and interact. On Sunday, November 17th, for those who can stay, we will join Toronto’s Ordinariate parish, St Thomas More, for their regular 12:30pm Sunday Choral Mass.

As originally announced back in June, the Society is hosting this conference to mark the 10th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, which created personal ordinariates for Catholics of the Anglican tradition. This will be our primary expression of thanksgiving for what God has given us over these past ten years, and a historic occasion to meet and reconnect with fellow ordinariate members, local Catholics, and others of the Anglican tradition.

Registrations are open now! Please visit to register, and see our conference website at for further updates.

5 thoughts on “Conference details announced & registrations open!

  1. Luke McDonald is Canada’s only Ordinariate seminarian, now studying in his third year at St. Philip Neri Seminary in Toronto. He serves St. Thomas More on Sundays. Is there a possibility that he could be sponsored to attend this conference?


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