Retiring from Catholic journalism

IMG_4962eAs of Sept. 30, I have officially retired from my contract writing for Canadian Catholic News.

On Monday, Oct. 7 some friends honored me with a retirement party at a downtown restaurant.

Here is a picture of me with my former boss Jim O’Leary, co-chair of CCN and editor and publisher of the Catholic Register in Toronto. I don’t know why he has a halo, but I digress.

It’s been a wonderful 15 years.  I learned a great deal from all the people I interviewed over the years.  It’s their words and stories I shared with the public.  I am so grateful for all of them and for the wonderful opportunities I have had.

IMG_4959eJohanne Brownrigg, formerly of Campaign Life Coalition, organized the small gathering  that brought together a number of people who were my sources over the years, both Catholic and evangelical, in everything from life issues, to religious freedom court challenges, family and social justice.   And the two co-founders of the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests, of which I am a member as of 2015.  Thanks to Bob Du Broy for the photos!

IMG_4960ePeter Stockland of Convivium Magazine, my first journalist friend when I moved to Ottawa in 1989 spoke a few words, remembering the days I would go as an evangelical to a weekly lunch of conservative Catholics.




Last Monday was the first (except for a rare holiday Monday) where I was not strapped to the chair in front of my computer pumping out one story after another.

I will still be freelancing from time to time, but not at the same relentless pace.   Now I will have more time free to be more actively involved in the mission of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society.

To that end, I leave for Rome today for events around the canonization of Cardinal John Henry Newman on Sunday.

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