Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church Conference Nov. 15-16 in Toronto

AUC 2019 poster 3

We have people coming from Texas, from Southern California, from Pennsylvania and New York, to say nothing of cities in Canada within driving distance of Toronto.  We are pleased with the turn out so far.

Spaces are limited for the conference, so please sign up as soon as possible at 

Do come, especially if you were unable to make it to Rome for the canonization of St. John Henry Newman and  Symposium 2019: 10 Years after Anglicanorum coetibus.

Of course all the liturgies at St. Michael’s Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Toronto are open to the general public and please help us spread the word.  They will be magnificent.

Our chief celebrant for all the liturgies will be Fr. Lee Kenyon, the former Dean of the St. John the Baptist Deanery of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.   Peter Mahon will direct the sacred music from Anglican tradition for the glory of God, and conference speakers will highlight aspects of the history of our movement and the importance of Anglican patrimony not only for the ordinariates but also as an underpinning of  the Christian culture of the English-speaking world.

IMG_0156Fr. Jack Barker, our keynote speaker, a pioneer of the Pastoral Provision of St. John Paul II that first made a place for Anglican tradition and common identity in the Catholic Church, will give an overview of how far we have come, revealing information that has never been made public before.

David Warren, a popular Catholic writer and speaker, former columnist with the Ottawa Citizen and former Anglican will write about the beauties of the patrimony he grew up with and it’s importance to the western world.

Fr. Derek Cross, an Oratorian priest who teaches at St. Philips Seminary in Toronto, will speak on the importance of the canonization of  St. John Henry Cardinal Newman’s and where the new saint fits in Anglican patrimony.

ThiAUC 2019 poster 3s will be a beautiful way to fellowship and celebrate 10 years since the publication of Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus that created ordinariates —personal particular churches–for Catholics of Anglican patrimony.

We will also have a special guest at the reception following the Friday evening Mass. Stay tuned!

See you in Toronto on Nov. 15!


2 thoughts on “Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church Conference Nov. 15-16 in Toronto

  1. I am signed up and have a ticket, but how do we get an itinerary of what’s happening, where we are supposed to be, and when, regarding the talks verses the Mass and choral components of the conference program?


    • Come to the Cathedral on the Friday evening at 6:30 pm and you will be given a ticket to the private Friday evening reception and information about the Saturday conference and liturgies. The talks will take place across the street in the St. Michael’s Choir School; Choral Mattins and Evensong at the cathedral. Lunch at the choir school. Bring you Eventbrite ticket. But if you forget it, don’t worry because we will have a master list.


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