A little conference promotion in the Toronto Archdiocese blog!

download (1)Word is spreading about our special liturgies in Toronto next weekend—in fact a week from today!   It’s coming up fast.  News is traveling in Anglican as well as Catholic circles. I received an email from an old friend and fellow journalist from the Anglican world earlier this week and she had already heard about the Votive Mass of Thanksgiving taking place next Friday evening at 7 pm at St. Michael’s Cathedral.   More details on the liturgies and the conference Nov. 16 to mark the 10th Anniversary of Anglicanorum coetibus can be found here.

Here’s a little blog post by Vanessa Santilli, a communications officer with the Toronto Archdiocese on her “Around the Arch” blog:

On Friday, November 15, there will be a Votive Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica for the 10th anniversary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus.

Below, Joseph DeCaria, Administrative Contact at The Catholic Parish of St. Thomas More, weighs in on its lasting impact.

1. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Anglicanorum coetibus?

Anglicanorum coetibus: Providing for Personal Ordinariates for Anglicans Entering into Full Communion with the Catholic Church is the full name of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution.

Published on Nov. 4, 2009, it allowed for the creation of diocesan-like structures for Catholics of Anglican tradition to retain elements of their heritage and common identity. The pope made it possible for liturgies and sacraments from the Anglican tradition to be used by Catholics.

As the Holy See stated, this was done “to maintain the liturgical, spiritual and pastoral traditions of the Anglican Communion within the Catholic Church, as a precious gift nourishing the faith of the members of the Ordinariate and as a treasure to be shared.”

That’s an excerpt. There’s more at the link.


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