Bishop Gavin Ashenden to join Catholic Church on 4th Sunday of Advent

Bishop Gavin Ashendon, former chaplain to the Queen, is joining the Catholic Church.

This article via Church Militant makes no mention of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, so I have no idea  where he will be incardinated but he will be received into the  Church this coming Sunday.  I will update when I find out.

What a blessing this well-known pastor of souls and communicator will make inside the  Catholic Church!

From CM:

Bishop Gavin Ashenden will be received into full communion by Shrewsbury’s Bp. Mark Davies on the fourth Sunday of Advent at Shrewsbury Cathedral, England.

The outspoken prelate became a global media celebrity after he objected to the reading of the Koran at St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Koranic chapter on Mary, read from the lectern at the service of Holy Communion, on the Feast of the Epiphany 2017, explicitly denied the divinity of Jesus.

Under pressure from Buckingham Palace, Dr. Ashenden resigned his royal chaplaincy in order to be free to challenge the rising tide of apostasy in the Church of England.

Later that year, Ashenden was consecrated a missionary bishop to the United Kingdom and Europe by the Christian Episcopal Church to provide episcopal cover to traditionalist Anglicans leaving the Church of England.

6 thoughts on “Bishop Gavin Ashenden to join Catholic Church on 4th Sunday of Advent


  2. THANK you Norm for that posting. It clears up a lot of problems that refer to me, but are in fact NOT problems!!!!! I recall the consecration of Avery Dallas as Cardinal. YES THESE THINGS CAN BE DONE. Happy Christmas to all.


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