Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

20191227_094605On behalf of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society, I wish all our readers a Joyous Christmastide and Happy New Year.

The society’s mission is: “To promote the Anglican tradition and common identity within the Catholic Church for the purposes of deeper conversion, evangelization, education, and the glory of God.”

Going into 2020, I am planning a series of podcasts and blog posts on how our various Personal Ordinariate parishes and communities are advancing “deeper conversion, evangelization, education, and the glory of God.”

Many parishes have founded or are now hosting schools and/or home education supplementation as a way of catechizing young children and exposing them to goodness, truth and beauty of the Catholic faith and of our patrimony.

Some parishes are using Catechesis of the Good Shepherdto evangelize and catechize young children. I cannot speak highly enough of this program. 

At least one parish I know of is using the Alpha Course as a way to catechize adults in the basics of the Christian faith—the kerygma.  Alpha is a great tool not only for reaching those with little or no exposure to the Christian faith, but also for giving Christians a refresher on the basics so they have more confidence in sharing the Gospel.  It also provides a simple way of training up leaders who discover their capacity to lead in other areas.

We also hope to have soon video from the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church conference last November.  So stay tuned!  We have an exciting year and decade ahead.

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