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Patronal of Canadian Anglican Use Catholics

Today is the Feast of St John the Baptist. The Baptist is well-known as the patron saint of French Canada, and la Saint-Jean or la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, as today is known, is the major cultural holiday of French Canadians across the … Continue reading

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Anglican Rosaries

There have been a number of occasions on which members of our Anglican Catholic community have commented, both online and off, about the ‘Anglican Rosary’, or Anglican prayer beads, and whether members of the ordinariates pray it. It seems there … Continue reading

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Anglican Catholicism in the ‘Broken Vase’ analogy

A gentleman raised the Aidan Nichols ‘broken vase’ analogy on an online forum yesterday morning: “You might like my comment on the name of the Ordinariate: We can keep the “Anglican” name as this is how it was set up … Continue reading

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Not just an Anglican ritual enclave

One year after Anglicanorum Coetibus was published, but before any Anglican ordinariates had actually been stood up, Claudio Salvucci wrote about them over at New Liturgical Movement, and his remarks are worth recalling seven years later. He was responding to … Continue reading

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The Anglo-Roman Missal

The English Missal, or Knott Missal, is in different ways an important part of both the Anglican and Roman patrimonies, being the essential way in which Anglicans celebrated the Roman rite in the 20th century, and the principle liturgical vernacular … Continue reading

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David Warren, Anglican patrimony

One of our great living examples of Anglican patrimony, David Warren is also an example of how our patrimony continues in the Catholic Church even outside the ordinariates: an Anglican in the Roman Church, if you will. David wrote recently … Continue reading

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Handel’s Messiah & reflections on law

Andrew Mahon (my younger brother), sings professionally at various Anglican and Catholic cathedrals and churches in London, such as Westminster Abbey, and is a member of the UK’s Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. One line of Handel’s great oratorio … Continue reading

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