Papal Nuncio greets Anglican Tradition Conference on behalf of Pope Francis

Attendees of the AC Society’s 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church received programme booklets for the conference that included not just the conference schedule, the liturgical orders of service, and bio material on speakers, musicians, and special guests, but also letters of blessing and welcome from Bishop Lopes our ordinary, and Cardinal Collins in whose Cathedral we celebrated our liturgies. But we were particularly honoured to receive a letter of greeting from the Papal Nuncio to Canada, Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi, on behalf of His Holiness Pope Francis:


His Excellency’s letter is a most generous affirmation of Anglicanorum Coetibus and our conference in thanksgiving for its tenth anniversary. Saying Pope Benedict’s creation of the ordinariates showed “his pastoral heart as a father” for the Church and for Anglicans approaching full communion, the Nuncio spoke very touchingly about our community and imparted to us the Apostolic Blessing of Pope Francis. Read the whole letter!

Cardinal Collins gave warm welcome to Anglican Tradition Conference

Attendees of the Toronto Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, November 15–16, were warmly welcomed by Cardinal Collins, in whose cathedral we celebrated our main liturgical services.

In addition to letters of greeting from Bishop Steven Lopes and the Papal Nuncio to Canada, Cardinal Collins sent us a generous letter for our conference programme. His Eminence cited Anglicanorum Coetibus, noting that as the Anglican approaches to the Holy See had been motivated by the Holy Spirit, “This is why it is most fitting that your thanksgiving on this occasion will begin with a votive mass of the Holy Ghost, celebrated in St Michael’s Cathedral….”


The Cardinal spoke of Anglicanorum Coetibus as a “prophetic gesture,” and said “The development, under both St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, of an Anglican form of Catholic liturgy within the Latin Church has been truly historic… Catholics of the Anglican tradition are living examples of unity in diversity. The tradition and common identity of the ordinariates, being shared with a community outside full communion, is thus an open door for them to the fullness of the Catholic faith.”

We owe Cardinal Collins our tremendous gratitude for having hosted us and for having so warmly welcomed everyone to his Cathedral for our 2019 Anglican Tradition Conference. After the mass, the AC Society presented His Eminence with a gift to thank him for his role in helping to establish the ordinariate in Canada almost a decade ago. Read his whole letter!

Anglican Tradition Conference a big success


The AC Society’s 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, held last weekend in Toronto, was a big success, and attendees — having come from as far away as Texas, California, British Columbia, and many other places in between — report having come away edified and excited about the future of our Anglican Catholic tradition and community.


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Conference schedule released

With only a few days left before the 2019 Anglican Tradition Conference begins, the schedule of talks and liturgical services has been released by the Society. Beginning with Solemn Mass on Friday evening, the conference will appropriately begin with the “source and summit” of the Christian life. Preceded by prelude music, including works by Victoria, Wesley, Willan, and Tallis, the mass will conclude with a Solemn Te Deum in thanksgiving for the tenth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus.

AUC 2019 schedAfter mass there will be a reception with Cardinal Collins, an opportunity for the AC Society to thank His Eminence for his service as the Holy See’s liaison ten years ago in helping to gather Canadian Anglican groups interested in forming the ordinariate in the Dominion of Canada, the groups that now constitute the Deanery of Saint John the Baptist.

On Saturday, the liturgical highlights will be Choral Mattins, and Evensong & Benediction. There will also be remarks from Bishop Lopes, David Warren, Fr Jack Barker, and Fr Derek Cross, as well as coffee breaks, time for socializing, a lunch, and another reception. The day will conclude with conference participants retiring to a nearby pub for dinner and fellowship.

On Sunday, all those who do not have to rush back to their home cities have been welcomed to join Toronto’s ordinariate community at St Thomas More’s for our regular Sunday mass.

Registrations are still being accepted at We hope to see you there!

Bishop Lopes sends his blessing to upcoming conference

letterWe are one week out from the upcoming Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, and conference organizers have received a gracious letter of welcome and blessing from Bishop Steven Lopes.

The upcoming ninth conference of the Anglicanorum Coetibus Society, to be held in thanksgiving principally for the tenth anniversary of Anglicanorum Coetibus, but also for the fortieth anniversary this coming year of St John Paul II’s Pastoral Provision, is being held in Toronto on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th.

In his letter to conference participants, Bishop Lopes highlights the gratitude that is at the centre of our conference activities and services. “We have so much for which to be grateful,” the bishop says. “We give thanks to God for the canonization of Saint John Henry Newman last month. Indeed, he is our great patron and model, himself bringing some of the best of the Anglican patrimony into the full communion of the Catholic Church.”

“In spending time with each other, in studying and discussion the traditions we hold dear, and most of all in prayer — the worship of God in the beauty of holiness — you give witness to the vitality of the Church and new expression to the diversity that is possible when we find a deeper unity of faith.”

Register for the conference now at and join all of us giving God praise and thanksgiving for the historic blessing of Anglicanorum Coetibus on its tenth anniversary. In the words of Bishop Lopes, “God’s blessings are abundant!”

Update: Both Cardinal Collins and even the Papal Nuncio on behalf of the pope have also sent us letters of blessing and welcome!

Bishop Lopes to speak at conference

SJL_Portrait_lo_resWe are delighted to announce today that Bishop Steven Lopes, bishop of the North American Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, will be one of our speakers at the upcoming 2019 Conference on the Anglican Tradition in the Catholic Church, being held in Toronto on November 15th & 16th.

His Grace will be the first speaker of the day on Saturday, November 16th, and his talk will be immediately followed by Choral Mattins in St Michael’s Cathedral. He will also be joining us for our Mass and Solemn Te Deum on Friday evening.

Bishop Lopes needs little introduction, having been the first bishop for Catholics of the Anglican tradition since his consecration at Candlemas 2016, and having worked in the Roman Curia in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 2005, where he worked on ordinariate-related matters. We are most excited to have him join us, and we encourage everyone to register now.

John Henry Newman, a saint of the Anglican family

John Henry Newman, the world-renowned convert from Anglicanism and founder of the Oxford Movement, was declared a saint today by Pope Francis in Rome. He is now the first non-martyr Englishman to be canonized since the Reformation. Not only is he a confessor, he may well one day even be declared a Doctor of the Church.

6F60FE0E-5F72-4D83-B113-631D280934CDToday is a day of celebration by both Anglicans and Catholics. Prince Charles has written an article in Osservatore Romano, which was published in abbreviated form in the Times as well. As His Royal Highness writes, “As we mark the life of this great Briton, this great churchman and, as we can now say, this great saint, who bridges the divisions between traditions, it is surely right that we give thanks for the friendship which, despite the parting, has not merely endured, but has strengthened.”

Jacob Rees Mogg has an article of his own on Cardinal Newman out today, writing “The creation of a new saint is important because it keeps alive the hope of salva­tion for all.”

4A6E0DF7-0580-49C0-941D-5F3E100D9689Much has been and will be written about the life and legacy of John Henry Newman, but suffice it to say here that, for those of us Catholics of the Anglican tradition, today is a day of rejoicing as a member of our Anglican family – and patron of our cherished ordinariates through which we have become Catholic – is recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint, interceding for us in Heaven.

As Newman wrote in response to a proposal by Ambrose Philip de Lisle for an Anglican Uniate Church (akin to the Anglican ordinariates that Providence held in store), “Nothing will rejoice me more than to find that the Holy See considers it safe and promising to sanction some such plan….” Thanks be to God for the life, ministry, and ongoing influence of John Henry Newman.