The Reckoning of the Fake Catholic Bishop of Whitby?

After the article “Philip James French: The Fake Catholic Bishop of Whitby” it seems the people of Whitby now have a chance to bring their concerns about Philip James French of St Ninians to a public forum.  The town’s religious leaders will be discussing the matter on the 8th of November.

Philip James French is a “bishop” for the  “Catholic Church OF England and Wales” (CCEW), a splinter group from the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB), which is Continue reading

Philip James French: the Fake Catholic Bishop of Whitby

In my recent article James Atkinson-Wake:“Who wears the Mitre of Satan” about the identity changing individual who heads a questionable international network of Episcopi-Vagantes and has been targeting Anglo-Catholics, I mentioned a Philip James French- the only one of the many “bishops” of the “Catholic Church OF England and Wales” (CCEW) which seems to actually have a Church building in the UK, St Ninians Whitby. Soon after this I was contacted by residents of the small town of Whitby asking if I could help them- it did not take long to uncover a disturbing tale, back up by official statements of multiple churches familiar with French.

The numerous allegations against Philip James French including abusive behaviour towards Whitby residences (including old women), alcohol abuse and drunken behaviour, it being an open secret he is in a homosexual relationship with the other “monk” at his cottage based monastery, and a long history of misrepresenting himself as a ‘Roman Catholic’ priest: which many only find out he is not after complaining to the local Catholic diocese. Of course it helps when allegations are back up with official statements from several different churches and screen shots like this Facebook conversion after a night out drinking: Continue reading

Are you called to be an Ancient Observance Ordinariate Carmelite?

After expressions of interest regarding a foundation of traditional Ancient Observance Carmelites to the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (OLSC), those wishing to test such a vocation are invited to apply. At this stage the proposed foundation would be located in Perth, Australia.

The proposed foundation would celebrate the liturgy of the Personal Ordinariates Divine Worship which is around 90+% the same as the English translation of the Carmelite Rite itself, as both liturgies are closely related. The first general assembly of Carmelites outside of the Holy Land, and many of its first European monasteries, were in England. The monastic movement of this period, including the Carmelite Charism, helped to shape English Catholicism which is lived by the Ordinariates. The proposed foundation would be under the patronage of the great English Carmelite St. Simon Stock, who received the Brown Scapular from the Blessed Virgin Mary at Cambridge- the second biggest devotion in the Catholic Church after the Rosary. Although the foundation would have a Carmelite Charism, it would still also be in the spiritual tradition of the Ordinariates.

The cause of this appeal is based on a number of factors including several OLSC members expressing interest in Ancient Observance Carmelite vocations, with one testing a vocation through private vows, and the existence of a large and well established Ancient Observance Carmelite Confraternity in Perth, which also has one of the largest OLSC parishes. If enough serious applicants are found, then the Ordinary of OLSC will contact the Ancient Observance Carmelites for a formator towards the foundation.

The appeal is mainly aimed for those seeking to be Friars and Monks. As ordination counts as a sacrament of initiation into the Ordinariates those who are not members can apply to be Friars. If at least 3-5 serious applicants can be found, then a foundation can start to be discerned: and there is already one application.

At the current moment an Ordinariate Ancient Observance Carmelite foundation is a proposal, with this appeal being apart of the discernment process for the Ordinariate as much as those who expressed interest in such a vocation: so the call has been issued, we are just waiting to see who will respond.

St Simon Stock, Pray for the Ordinariates

For those interested in applying, you can send expressions of interest to:


(The text of this article was first published in the September 2018 edition of the free Ordinariate Portal Magazine under the title “Ordinariate Carmelites?”)

The English Catholicism Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Last year I organised a lecture series (in Perth, Australia) on the great Anglo-Catholic convert G.K. Chesterton, to help promote the Ordinariate and the local Ordinariate parish- this year it is the “English Catholicism Series”.

What do the Ordinariates have to offer the Catholic Church? Is a major theme of the Lecture Series, with most talks being aimed towards a general Catholic audience, but whose topic is never far from the Ordinariate. As a matter of history we look at the last time a large wave of Anglo-Catholics entered the Catholic Church which lead to a Golden Age in English Catholicism: whose key figures such as Newman and Chesterton are household names in mainstream English speaking Catholicism. As a matter of substance we look at not just the Anglo-Catholic liturgy of the Ordinariates, but also its Spirituality, Saints and way of doing Theology. And as a matter of fact we look at how these treasures are not just an academic matters of history but a living tradition that is heart of the Ordinariates which exist here and now that you can partake in. So we look at the shared treasures between the Ordinariates and the wider English speaking Catholicism, and treasures yet to be shared.

The plan is to have more such lecture series, including in other cities in Australia.

Such events in my opinion are crucial  to spreading the word about the Ordinariates, so the question is: can your Ordinariate community organise a Lecture Series of its own? Only two of the speakers are from the OLSC Ordinariate, the other four are mainstream Catholics who are friends of the Ordinariate with overlapping interests- one of which is visiting Perth. My advice is get active, get out there and make some friends.

(Also to answer the question the talks will not be recorded for public release- only for the use of Ordinariate seminarians).


Peter Slipper Comments: ICAB more Catholic than Rome

Meanwhile on the Internet (more specifically Facebook): Peter Slipper was trolling a Catholic post when he was stopped in his tracks-


Being confronted with our recent article on him (which Ross had posted on the thread for all to see), detailing his past, Peter Slipper then politely bowed out (and promptly de-friended Jonathan Ross from Holy Faith Media). Why? You cannot stand on the ‘Moral High Ground’ if you have been exposed.

Slipper never imagined his secret that he inquired about being a priest in the Australian Personal Ordinariate, and three weeks after he got his rejection letter he was with the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) would be published on this blog. Like the rogue former head of ICAB-UK with his own questionable past, James Atkinson-Wake, who tried to join the Catholic clergy and when rejected started promoting Sedevacantist material, Slipper did the same:

CMRI Slipper

So what do Sedevacantists think of ICAB? Well I wrote prominent Sedevacantist ‘thought leader’ Fr Anthony Cekada (whose material James Atkinson-Wake posted) asking for a statement on the validity of ICAB Orders for publishing, and he replied:

My position on the clergy of ICAB and similar groups is that (1) their orders enjoy no presumption of validity whatsoever (and hence must be treated as invalid), due to lack of proper training of their clergy, and (2) even if one could prove the validity of their orders, it would be forbidden to approach such clergy for sacraments because they are “canonically unfit” to exercise the orders.
For an explanation, see my article:
Our shorthand term for such clergy is cucarachas — cockroaches. They seem to be everywhere, they thrive in the darkness, and they survive by feeding on scraps.
As regards the ICAB itself, the  Brazilian Catholic bishop in the twentieth century from whom it claims its orders, Duarte Costa, was a lefty, and one of its recent bishops in England was a tailor who had done jail time for fraud.
With prayers and best wishes,
Fr. Cekada

If Slipper or Atkinson-Wake knew anything about the Sedevacantist movement, they would know they are no friend of theirs. Of course Slipper himself has no formal Theological training, similar to James Atkinson-Wake, so they will post the material of others, rather than write essays themselves.

I came across a good quote about rogue bishops (or “Episcopi vagantes”):

“Episcopi vagantes summed up: ‘tossing about between Modernism, theosophy, and simple megalomania.’ Ex-clergy or clergy wannabes who think they’re better than the church and want to be clergy to get respect; clericalism.”

In both cases I would pick “clergy wannabe” and “simple megalomania”- but considering the mental health of both, neither are licitly or validly ordained.

The matter of seminarian training is one of the biggest issues facing the “Independent Catholic”and “Continuing Anglican” movements and their long term viability- I will touch on this in future articles, as I believe this helps explain some of the recent trends/movements that have gone on in more respectable circles.
There is a major shift in the landscape coming, and the ACS Blog will be at the cutting edge of coverage with some pretty unique content.

Peter Slipper- Bishop of Australia?


1It may have escaped your attention that the disgraced former Federal Speaker of the House, Peter Slipper, has been made ‘Bishop of Australia’.

While Peter Slipper has maintained a public presence since his departure from politics, he kept his appointment as a Bishop for the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (ICAB) fairly low key. The question has to be asked: why is Slipper in the Episcopal closet?

Know as “Slippery Pete” even before he entered politics, in 2012 Peter Slipper stood down from parliament over allegations of misappropriation of travel expenses, as well as sexual harassment claims by a staff member including texts sent to him about sexual matters  and what was termed “‘vile anatomical references” referring to women’s private parts (while slipper was an Anglican priest). During the court cases in 2014 Slipper reported he tried to commit suicide twice, and his psychiatrist, Chris Martin, submitted evidence in the case whether fraud charges against Mr Slipper should be dropped on mental health grounds. Continue reading