St. John Vianney purchases land for new building

St. John Vianney Parish in Cleburne, Texas, has bought a parcel of land where they intend to build a church.


According to the website, Fr. Christopher Stainbrook signed a check for the first payment on the land and parishioners will have a chance to visit the grounds on Oct. 31.

Thanks to a reader who emailed me to tell me of this news!

Another thing that intrigued me from the parish website, is this:

After reading the article about the Sacred Heart in June issues of the SJV Weekly Email, several of our parishioners have decided to consecrate their families in a special way by enthroning  the Sacred Heart of Jesus in their homes.  If you would like to consecrate your home to the Sacred Heart, and want to plan an enthronement celebration, please see Father Stainbrook. (Photos are from the Enthronement Ceremony of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the LoPalo’s home last Sunday)

What a great idea!

I am not sure what form of prayers Fr. Stainbrook used, but there’s information here about what one needs to do to plan for an enthronement.

What is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement?

An enthronement is a ceremony in your home where Jesus is given authority over your family. In other words, Jesus becomes the King in your home, and your family publicly acknowledges this consecration by installing a picture or statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a place of honor in the house.

Why should I enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in my home?

This request comes directly from Jesus. He told St. Margaret-Mary Alacoque that He would bless each home where a picture of His Sacred Heart is exposed and honored; and the Sacred Heart enthronement ceremony was officially approved by Pope St. Pius X in 1908. Who needs more incentive than that?

Our priests have done some house blessings over the years.   Back even before we became Catholic, a local restaurant owner asked Fr. Carl Reid to come and do a blessing of his business.


Here’s an image of the Sacred Heart that I saw in a church in Rome where I had ducked in to pray the Rosary.   I can’t remember where.  I think it was Santa Maria sopra Minerva near the Pantheon, but I’m not sure.

IMG_20170522_170256 (1)